Josh Wall

Josh Wall

Josh Wall is the Production Manager at Nucor Vulcraft Texas.

Josh began his career with Nucor in 2007 as an HR specialist at Nucor corporate.  He took a role in operations during the startup of Nucor Steel Memphis and later returned to Nucor corporate as Manager of Leadership Development.  In 2014, Josh transferred to Vulcraft South Carolina as Traffic Manager.  Most recently, Josh moved to Texas in 2016 as Production Manager.

Josh and Emily, his wife of 10 years, have 3 small children: Ben (2), Alice (4), and Grace (6).  They enjoy traveling and exploring the Texas outdoors as a family.

“We love living in Texas.  The people in this community are truly a blessing. 
We thank the Lord for calling us to such a wonderful place”

Josh has served as a Grapeland Chamber Board Member since 2016.  His focus has been on growing and developing the community for future generations.  Whether it’s partnering with Grapeland ISD on youth outreach, or working with local leaders to recruit and establish an Urgent Care facility, Josh is dedicated to seeing Grapeland thrive.

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