Coronation Rules and Guidelines

Coronation Rules and Guidelines

2019 Peanut queen SIGN UP deadline

August 30,2019 Is the deadline to sign up as a contestant for peanut queen

To sign up or to obtain more information please contact

Signup sheet will be posted at the Grapeland High School Office beginning on August 26

Tammy Hassell at 903-513-4938 (you may send text to this number)

  1. Coronation event is open to Grapeland High School senior young ladies of good character.  Home school students within the district must prove they are a current senior in order to participate.
  2. Contestants are only eligible to run for Peanut Queen once.
  3. Each contestant will be judged on the following categories:
    Business Wear, Physical Fitness, Talent, and Evening Gown.
  4. Contestant must seek and secure her own sponsorship and must follow guidelines set by the pageant committee.  Sponsors do not have to be local businesses. Your sponsor is not responsible to provide outfits worn on parade float or any other pageant expense.  Parents/family/friends must be willing to assist sponsors in building the float.  Contact director for more information.
  5. Contestant must attend all pre-pageant opportunities and outings, the contestant brunch and all practices.  Your packet will include a calendar schedule of all practices and outings.
  6. Contestants must be of good moral character.
  7. Contestants must be living with their parents or legal guardian and cannot be married, have been married, or have children.
  8. Contestant acknowledges that she must uphold a pleasant and friendly demeanor at all time while participating in pageant activities and understands decisions and scoring are final.
  9. Contestant must provide a brief essay which will be read by pageant judges, prior to event.  This is a personal essay letting the judges know more about you and your experiences, hobbies, plans for your future and how you will make those goals a reality.  Your Director will be glad to help get you started with this important part of the contest.
  10. Contestants must possess a talent and the ability to present this talent.
  11. In the case of duplication of talent, the first person to contact the coronation chairperson shall have the right to present that talent.
  12. Contestants must be financially responsible for all outfits and props.
  13. Festival activities scheduled for the contestant will be chaperoned by an adult.
  14. Contestants are expected to complete five community service hours by October 1, 2018.  More information and suggested volunteer locations will be included in your contestant packet.
  15. Winner is expected to return the following year as Grand Marshall of Peanut Festival parade, crown the new queen and participate in Chamber and community events during her senior year.
  16. Scholarships will be awarded to:
    1st RUNNER UP

Scholarship money will be given to the winners upon receipt of enrollment into college or vocational school. Scholarship money must be claimed within a year of winning the award.